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The most of brass products of &kow are made from used melted bomb shells and bullet shells.

Weapons which are made to hurt people are transformed into accessories which make people shine.

Though the material is the same, changing its “form”, changes its “purpose”.

&kow wants to deliver the message to people that "even a negative one can turn into a completely opposite positive one" through our products.



<The glamour of brass>

Brass is the material that the longer you wear it, the more attractive it will be with you.
Brass is highly corrosive-resistant to seawater and is relatively easy to process, so it has been loved by people in various industries such as architecture, ships, and furniture since ancient times.

In addition, the elegant luster and soft texture of the material is loved, and it has a long history of being loved as an art and craft material.

Refined and luxurious antique gold of a brass creates a unique and beautiful taste and texture, and you can enjoy its aging for years with your care.

Our products are individually hand-made by Khmer craftsmen with extremely precise hard work that can never be compared to mass production.


Precautions for use

While a brass has a beautiful texture that increases with aging, it is also a metal that is vulnerable to moisture and sweat, and is prone to darkening and discoloration.

In addition, it is slightly more delicate than silver and has the property of being weak to weight. Although it is an antique and profound color, please use with care.

How to care

By wiping frequently with a dry cloth, it gives off an elegant, dark and beautiful luster.

Vinegar is an effective way to clean the product if a color gets darker due to sweat.

Just pour a small amount of vinegar into a small glass, soak the brass accessories and leave them for a while.

If dullness is removed, rinse it with water.

If you wipe it with a dry cloth, it will restore its beautiful luster.

However, please be careful as brass could change its color if it is soaked in a vinegar too often.


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