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-nobody can take momeries away-


ー &kow ー

Precious moment created with your family,
Time you shared with your loved ones,
Memorable journey you had taken on your own,
The scent, ambiance, sound and that moment

Memories and reminiscences which does not have a shape. Keeping and soaking them and always with them for years.

As firm leather and brass stays for a long time as to your memoirs too

A bag does not only carry things but your memories.
A button does not only hold piece of cloth
but a past, a present and a future with your special someone.

Simple memories of your daily lives. The turning point of your life.
Your unforgettable visit. Your daily changes.

&kow and its products grow old together with you.

&kow’s bags carry your memories, not only your baggage.
&kow creates the albums that (soak) filled with your memories.
It is the craftsmanship spirit of &kow.

Origin of the brand name &kow


Andkow is a small leather & brass workshop born in Siemreap, Cambodia.

"&kow" mainly has three rhymed meanings.

・“Angkor means as a holy name of Cambodia.

・“Kow(khao) means cow in Khmer (Cambodian).

・“香(kou) means incense, fragrance, aroma.



All craftsmen at &kow are well trained and exerting their time and effort for all &kow products they carefully and diligently hand crafted.

Some craftsmen had been dropouts.
Some craftsmen had been forced to go abroad for hard labor job.
Some craftsmen just had survived living a day by day means.

Such craftsmen are now  earned respect by becoming an artisan with their innate abilities and bring pride and enthusiasm to their works.

The craft shop is serving as an important foundation for them to actively grab their life and create their own future.

&kow craft shop offers a completely different concept compared to a place that simply provides jobs to people.

In a purpose driven life, success is inevitable.
It directly connects to the concept of a craftsmanship.

At &kow, we constantly discuss about manufacturing method.
Sometimes we argue. However we improve and polish our methods and products and continue to craft.

We never get tired doing what we love most, like any other masterpiece, aside from skills and dedication, we devote time and heart that reflects our soul in every product we produce.

Even if…
you don’t have money,
you even lost your job,
you lost your house,
your land were taken,
you were evicted from your hometown,
your history were wiped out,
you have nothing but your skills remain,

skills have been embedded into your soul. 

There is not in any of an instruction or in any blueprint
The memory created by a hand that your body remembers.  

No one can take away your memory

Crafting has a power not only to create a thing but a future.

&kow define the statement with our craftsmen.


Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday10:00 am - 18:00 pm
Friday - Saturday10:00 am - 19:00 pm

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